16th October 2019
2019 Christmas Mini-Sessions
Christmas Mini Sessions

I am almost embarrassed to even write on here! It would have been easier to just keep ignoring the fact that I actually have a website and a blog. Easier to avoid posting on here or updating and just keep going about my merry business way, being thankful for the small community where I live, thankful for the fact that I am known here and that my clients are faithful and share their experiences with me.

But here I am, posting! Yes, it’s been over a year and now I’m trying to navigate through the new look on the backend of this blog, figuring out if I’m doing this right, again! It must just look like I’ve let everything go, you would think so if this is the only place you would know me from and I’m sure you would just click off, thinking “this girls not in business anymore”. Although if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you would know that I am still in the game! Still being blessed by my clients bringing their new babies to me to capture those first moments, families coming back for portraits to share at Christmas and people still interested in having me photograph their “I do’s”.

Again, I was going to leave this post just to Facebook and Instagram, but I thought, it’s time. Just do it, dust the old blog off and post.

So Christmas Mini-Sessions for 2019 are going on the blog! They are easier than ever to book now too, it will all be done in one place with just one click!

You can choose your date and time from what I have available! They are offered throughout the day, Saturday, November 2 and then there are also times available on Wednesday, November 6 and Thursday November 7! There should be no excuse why you can’t book!

Cost is $50 for a 20 minute in studio session. There are 3 sets this year guys! One set is large enough for a family of 5, while the other 2 sets are meant for younger children!

Digital Packages are available for purchase, which you can do upon booking or afterwards!

So capture this time in a Christmas Mini-Session!

Click HERE to book!

Christmas Mini Sessions
Christmas Mini Sessions
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