12th February 2018
Firsts and more Firsts

Life is full of firsts.  From the moment we are born.  Most firsts go unnoticed as day to day events, but even more are very significant.  We have so many firsts we don’t even remember, yet have been documented by our parents or at least remembered by them. That first word spoken, first steps taken, […]

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29th January 2018
2017 A look back…
2017 A Look Back

Who can believe how fast time goes.  We spend so much time looking ahead, then all of a sudden, we realize with a look back, that the year is over.  All the firsts that happened and all the lasts too.  The new adventures, new friends, new experiences.  The old friends, familiar experiences all still lend […]

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17th January 2018
Winter wONEderland
winter wONEderland

This is exactly what mom said when she came to me with the idea for her baby girls first birthday cake smash session!  Winter wOnederland!  So great, right?  Winter baby equals winter themed cake smash which turned out amazing!  Again, not knowing what her reaction was going to be, but hoping for diving in and […]

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19th December 2017
Woodsy Cake Smash

Woodsy?  I don’t know, but I get a lumberjack, kind of woodsy feel when I look at these images, mostly with the suspenders!  I loved the theme to this cake smash, it all came together so well after meeting with mama a couple of months before to chat about the details and what she would […]

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21st November 2017
Belly to Baby

It will never cease to amaze me how tiny little people are created, grown in their mommy’s belly until the day they make their arrival, safely into their anxious parents loving arms.  Such an incredible and perfect design, a true miracle.  I love capturing the moments of mom and dad anticipating the arrival of their new […]

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