22nd January 2018
in Love sessions in February

I have been so excited to announce this!  For the month of February you can book a mini session to capture your love!  I mean, it is the love month after all! 😉

This is the first time I have offered mini sessions that can take place any time, throughout a whole month!  These sessions are the same as my regular mini sessions in that they still are $200 at one location and come with 10 digital images, but can fit your schedule.  Also, they will take place outside, where you can truly cuddle up and keep each other warm.  That being said, there still is a limited amount that I can do in a month, so book now to make sure you take advantage of this mini session pricing to capture you both being together, in love.  Book your session by emailing me at info@allisonandria.ca.

I knew as soon as I received the first message from this couple that their love was evident.  The first message was from her, letting me know a teeny, but super important bit of their story, that they were in love, and he had just surprised her around Christmas with a ring.  Something she knew nothing about.  Not even 5 minutes after this message, he sent me a message.  Just the fact that each of them took the time to message me was all I needed to know they were in love and that capturing that love was so important to them.  After having to reschedule from a -40 degree day, we went out this past Monday and enjoyed some much milder weather, although still proving to be cold.  That didn’t matter though.  As you can see, they were more than happy to keep each other warm!  It was beautiful to witness the chemistry between them.

Seriously, these sessions have to be my absolute favourite to photograph.  There is just something about a couple in love that I can’t get enough of.  Its just such a beautiful beginning of so many things in life.  All the firsts of falling in love, getting to truly know a person, learning about them and in turn, learning about yourself.  Growing together, committing to each other, then possibly creating a life together.  It’s the beginning of building a life of love.

While we are on the subject, I’m going to use this time to clear up talk of what I photograph.  It is true that I have decided not to photograph weddings, although not all together.  As I am enjoying my studio and all that it has to offer and will be gearing my business around those and outdoor family sessions, I will be still shooting 1 -2 weddings a year.  The benefits of owning your own business is you get to build and choose what to take on and what not to.  So what I have chosen is to allow at the most 2 weddings into my year, that are off season.  I will not be taking on any weddings from May – September for sure.  Weddings are so much more than the day, as those of you planning a wedding can attest to!  For the photographer, it’s the involvement from the moment you are contacted by the bride and groom, to shooting and editing the engagement session, to planning, scoping locations and discussing details, to photographing the actual day.  Then there is another many many weeks of editing, more discussions with regards to albums, canvases and finalizing everything.  I prefer to do that while my kids are in school and spend the summers with my family.  This has been what I have been doing for the last couple of years and it has served my family well.  This year I do have a July wedding, and it will be my last summer wedding.

Let’s take a moment now to enjoy the love and connection between this couple and to remind you to get in touch as soon as you can to book your inLOVE session during the month of February!

Psst… guys, want to score some points, this would make an incredible Valentine’s Day gift!  Your welcome.

in love mini sessions

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