3rd April 2018
Sisterly joy

I’m sure they will have their moments as we all do with our sisters (or brothers for that matter, maybe even more so), but the joy they will carry with them throughout life will far surpass any of those other moments.  Joy is something that is lived, even through those difficult times.  I believe that joy and happiness are different.  Happiness is a feeling, just as anger, sadness, excitement are.  Feelings come and go, sometimes in an instant.  While joy can be lived throughout those emotions.  My prayer is for people to know true joy through love.

Even though she was only just over a week old, her older sister loves her, love from her parents was felt the moment they even knew of her.  It’s just the most beautiful thing on earth.  I am so thankful to witness it during the sessions I photograph.  This session was no exception.  Proud mom and dad, proud big sister, excited to help and show off her baby sister.

It’s these moments that keep me going, keep me loving my job, keep me excited for the upcoming sessions, and keep me working on my business.

For anyone considering maternity and/or newborn photos, I encourage you to book.  For so many reasons.  One, being how fast this time goes by.  We all talk about it, but do we really realize it just how fast it goes?  20 years can seem like yesterday.  Yet, you find yourself fighting to remember details.  Sometimes the only thing that even causes you to remember are photos.  Professional photos not only help you to remember those times, those moments and those details, but they do so with quality.  You won’t be distracted by the dark, underexposed image captured on your cell phone, wishing you could just see the detail in their face, that dimple you know they have, those delicate eyelashes that were so long even then.  You will see beauty, timelessness.  Especially when those memories are printed in a gorgeous keepsake album, or hanging on your wall.  I know it can seem like a lot at the time, rationalizing needs over wants.  Just remember the memories, save up and invest in them.  This is an investment that will get more valuable over time.

“Until now you have not asked for anything in my name.  Ask and you will receive, and  your joy will be complete.” ~ John 16:24


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  • Madi says:

    Mom, these are so great!!

  • Justina says:

    Lovely! And a good reminder to not take these moments for granted! Great work, Allison!

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