24th April 2018
Snowy Ballerina

This is the third year that I have had the honour of photographing this gorgeous dancer.  For this shoot, they wanted snowy photos!  It was the perfect day for it, I mean it was cold, but not as cold as it had been and the sun shone for it!  Mid march, so I was happy to have sun and a tad milder temperatures.  Although she might disagree since she was only wearing body suits and tights!

It’s been beautiful getting to know this family through the opportunities that I have had to photograph her.  Dance is life for this girl.  She has grown up in it and I have witnessed the growth and change in just the 3 short years that I have seen her.  I so appreciate how photography has brought so many relationships into my life, but knowing that God is behind each and every one, brings the true worth and meaning to them.  On this particular day for this shoot, I had invited two other photographers along.  Justina Gibson, of Justina Gibson RealLife Photography, was my first ever photographer friend.  She took me under her wing in 2006 and we have been friends since.  After taking a bit of a break to raise her 3 daughters, she is at a place where she wants to build her photography business back up, and dance photography is the direction she wants it to go.  As well, my good friend from right here in our small town of Plamondon, Paula Karayel of Paula Karayel Photography and Paula Karayel Fine Art joined us to create her signature art of out of this opportunity.  It was a beautiful mix of passion and talent, all created by our Creator.  Honestly the day was so fun and so meaningful, right down to saying grace before we ate in the studio together!

There was talk of the next session with this dancer happening this summer, involving water.  Look out for that!

Meanwhile enjoy the images that I was able to capture, then head over to the sites of the other photographers and see the images they created out of the talent this girl has.  All captured for her to remember long after her ballet slippers are hung up…


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  • Cecile Scott says:

    These photos are amazing of a stunning young lady. So beautiful! ???

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