1st May 2018
The Big One

One thing I really appreciate about my job is the opportunity to be creative at every session.  The creativity is allowed in so many different ways!  For a first birthday cake smash it’s always determined from the first interactions with mom, when I ask her what theme or look would she like for the session?  They present the idea and I get to bring it to life.  I admit, some are harder than others, I will also admit that it pushes and challenges me, as it is not always easy being so far from the city as well as the cost of backdrops and props to have them shipped adds to the difficulty.  But the chance to put together a set is always so fun, although the funnest part comes with baby’s first expression as I take the first shot!

I am able to be creative and control the look of the set, the lighting and exposure, but honestly, not knowing the reaction or expressions as baby is set in front of my camera is the best.  I have absolutely no control from then on, and it is always different!  Being a year old means their little personalities are developing, some play shy, some are already running about, some just love the goofy-ness from mom and I behind the camera, it really is an adventure that proves to me just how much I love these sessions!

Once we capture some cute, “clean”, shots, we get baby changed into their cake smash outfit and let them at the cake!  Mom and dad are always so excited about this part, to see what their little one will do!  Always hoping they will dive in.  This little guy, wasn’t too sure.  Taking little tastes, we kept having to encourage him to stay and that the cake was yummy and if he would share it!  So he humoured us for the most part, enough to get the adorable images, with this gorgeous cake by Briget’s Creative Cakes.  Then, he was done.  And that’s that.  Ultimately they are the ones in control of these sessions!

I almost always provide a bath set afterwards!  But, he wasn’t having it.  Wanted nothing to do with getting in the cute little tub.  Turns out, he just really wanted to fish.  Marking the end of a perfectly themed cake smash session, him sitting in front of the tub, bobbing his fishing rod in the water!

No matter what the take on the session, every single one of them is adorable.  Their priceless, innocent expressions captured, and always remembered.

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