29th January 2018
2017 A look back…
2017 A Look Back

Who can believe how fast time goes.  We spend so much time looking ahead, then all of a sudden, we realize with a look back, that the year is over.  All the firsts that happened and all the lasts too.  The new adventures, new friends, new experiences.  The old friends, familiar experiences all still lend to a one time thing, each time being different.  Now, just memories.  Some just in our minds eye, others remembered with a photo.  An image that will instantly bring back the laughs shared at that particular moment, the feelings present, the sounds heard.

We carry on our minutes, hours and days, sometimes rushing through, on to the next thing again and again.  Until that moments that reminds us to stop.  Take a look at the moment and at the past.  It has so much to offer.  So many emotions, lessons and experiences.  So many opportunities to grow us into better people, shape us and change us.  Then we can take all of that and apply it to our now and to our tomorrow and every day to follow.  Life is beautiful like that.  Moments that can be devastating, can also be moments looked back on as the beginning to a whole new strength, perspective and character.  Times that were amazing will also provide the desire to continue them, looking for more times to make happen that can be amazing too.

Here, I want to look back through the eye of my lens at the moments I had the honour to capture for so many beautiful families, full of love in all ways.  Love shown through the commitment of vowing lives together.  The love of parents for their newborn baby, a brand new little person who they can’t even imagine a life without the moment that baby is placed in their arms.  Love of families just being together, knowing without the words that that love is forever, solid and evident.

Thank you.  Thank you to everyone in this video and to those watching, for supporting my business by trusting me to capture these moments for you.  My heart is full and loving my job is a large part of that.

Now, I look forward to a new year, new hope, possibilities and all the potential that it has to hold.  I look forward to capturing many more memories for loving families like yours.

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