9th January 2017
Beginning of the year Catch Up!
catch up

Honestly.  I am so embarrassed.  Every year around this time actually.  This seems to be the time when I decide to dust off my blog, have great intentions, feel motivated to keep doing it… annually.  Which annually lasts maybe a month or two.  I guess it couldn’t be more obvious that blogging isn’t my favourite thing to do.  It’s not that it’s hard, I think it’s because writing isn’t fun to me, along with the fact that I would rather be shooting and editing then this.  Although, once I just do it, it’s really not as bad as I make it out to be.  Actually it’s the opposite, it feels like I have accomplished something, it feels like a form of journalling and it feels honouring to take the time to share more of the work I do.  Scratch that.  As I try to add images, I remember why I avoid blogging.  It’s the sorting and choosing images.  It’s remembering the program script I use for the images.  But, it is my fault, if I did it often, I wouldn’t forget and would keep up to it…

Anyways, where was I…

Those of you who follow me on Facebook, or Instagram know that when I post, I post an image.  One.  I shoot a session and sometimes an image makes it to one or both of those social sites.  A blog allows me to post a lot of images from a session! It’s so much more fun than just seeing one teaser image.  This way, you can feel the emotion from the whole session, you can see the story unfold, you can see the interaction and love between families and couples.  So again, I hope to not just be motivated, not just have good intentions, but to follow through.  To post often, to share images from a passion and skill that I have been blessed with.  To share what is happening and keep you in touch with everything going on in the photographic world of Allison Andria Photography!

I am going to try and give you a little sneak here in this post though, not sure where this will lead, or even what my next post will be, but this one is just a few images over the last year that never got to be shared and appreciated.

My studio has opened so many doors for me.  Allowing me the controlled and comfortable environment for newborns and baby sessions, as well as the perfect space for two Beginner Photography Workshops that I put on!

Here are just a few of the newborn and baby images in the studio this past year!  I also was blessed to photograph two babies being born in 2016!catchuppost2017

Also, I photographed so many amazing families!  Here are some of the extended family sessions that I photographed!  And, while sitting here, figuring out the image program and working on this post, I decided on my next post!  It will showcase some of the families who took advantage of last years Simple Summer Sessions, while announcing (well, reminding, for those of you on my facebook, instagram and who receive my email newsletter) this years session special!


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