8th January 2018
Brand New Year, Brand New Hope

**Long post Alert!!**

Happy 2018!!  I hope your Christmas and New Years was full of love, family and laughs!  I hope you rang in the New Year with hope!  I sure did.  Our daughter was home from school, we were all together to play games, eat and just be.  Lots of meals with family and rang in the new year dancing to a band who got together just for this event after being apart for almost 25 years!  Of course off and on they would have a jam, but this was a big event for them after all this time and it was like they never stopped.  So much fun!

Always at this time of year there is so much talk on goals, aspirations for the new year, resolutions.  It all sounds inspiring, but I am happy to accept who I am everyday.  I believe in hope and change through the strength and power of the Holy Spirit, I allow Him to help me change, create goals and new habits.  Its always hard no matter what time of year!  But I am proud to be where I am today and so thankful!  I know this family is no different there, proud and thankful for the hope in their brand new baby girl and excited to see her change and grow in this next year!

This family has touched and blessed so many people in so many different ways.  Mom is actually a local midwife.  Her story is incredible, from her journey to Quebec to obtain her midwifery degree over the course of 4+ years, while her husband stayed here to continue his career as a local teacher.  During those years of being apart she was diagnosed with a form of cancer behind her right eye.  This diagnosis brought forth many, many challenges as you can imagine.  The strength of this woman endured and she fought it, received her degree and moved home to begin her career!  To begin she needed to work in the city, over 2 hours away.  Keeping her away from her husband longer, although it didn’t stop them from becoming pregnant with their first child!  However, through this miracle came another challenge as she was told her cancer had returned.  You can see her story here.  It is almost unbelievable, but without a doubt has strengthened and shaped her as part of this journey of life.

I have had the privilege of working alongside this woman at births she has attended that I have been honoured to photograph.  Our businesses compliment each other so well.  Look out for the article soon to be coming in the Lac La Biche Post revealing the birth room her and her partner of Tree de la Vie Midwifery have at the William J. Cadzow Health Centre in Lac La Biche.  I am honoured to have some of my work displayed there for labouring moms to see and be encouraged by.  Images of beautiful babies and the love of their parents holding them, hopefully inspiring these women and their partners of the blessing that is to come after all the pain and work of their labour and delivery.

It was a gorgeous August day when we went out to capture the maternity images as they were expecting their second little miracle.

Midwife birth

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I guess this family can’t do much without an amazing story attached to it.  The birth of their baby girl was just that.  Amazing.  I won’t go into details, it is her story to tell.  But my story is, that I didn’t get there in time, in fact, dad barely made it.  I made it there literally minutes after baby was in moms arms and began to capture the moment and emotion.

Midwife Maternity Birth Newborn 095-storyboard

096-storyboard midwife maternity birth newborn


It was just so so precious to see big brother loving on his brand new baby sister!  He did exceptionally well at the newborn session too (with the help of my trust assistant, the fart gun!)!  Capturing timeless family portraits and precious images of just baby in all her newborness!


Midwife Maternity Birth Newborn 099-storyboard 100-storyboard 101-storyboard

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts, support my business and participate in loving relationships for me to capture!  All the best in 2018!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11

Remember friends, God never promised life would be easy or without pain.  That is a very real part of our time here on earth.  But he will promise you internal joy, peace and purpose while here and eternity in heaven when you realize that you make mistakes and ask forgiveness for them from Him, and believe in Jesus Christ.  I am a living testament to that.

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