16th October 2019
2019 Christmas Mini-Sessions
Christmas Mini Sessions

I am almost embarrassed to even write on here! It would have been easier to just keep ignoring the fact that I actually have a website and a blog. Easier to avoid posting on here or updating and just keep going about my merry business way, being thankful for the small community where I live, […]

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8th May 2018
Beautiful Baby

It’s no wonder this baby girl is so so beautiful!  Look at her parents!  With genes like that there really was no other option but to be born beautiful!  Now, that is a characteristic that is noticed at first glance, but once you meet and talk to these people, you will notice right away how […]

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24th April 2018
Snowy Ballerina

This is the third year that I have had the honour of photographing this gorgeous dancer.  For this shoot, they wanted snowy photos!  It was the perfect day for it, I mean it was cold, but not as cold as it had been and the sun shone for it!  Mid march, so I was happy […]

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9th April 2018
Spring Mini Sessions

Mini sessions are so great for so many reasons!  One being the opportunity to meet new families!  Lots of times it seems that people who have never booked with me before take this time to do so, being as the cost is lower and that they can get a themed shoot for their kids!  Another […]

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3rd April 2018
Sisterly joy

I’m sure they will have their moments as we all do with our sisters (or brothers for that matter, maybe even more so), but the joy they will carry with them throughout life will far surpass any of those other moments.  Joy is something that is lived, even through those difficult times.  I believe that […]

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