19th March 2018
Laughs, snuggles and chills

That’s pretty much what made up this entire engagement session from a few weeks ago!  Plenty of laughs (which is totally to be expected if any of  you know this couple even just a little), lots of snuggles and cuddles, also expected as to me that’s what an engagement session is meant to capture!  Along […]

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29th January 2018
2017 A look back…
2017 A Look Back

Who can believe how fast time goes.  We spend so much time looking ahead, then all of a sudden, we realize with a look back, that the year is over.  All the firsts that happened and all the lasts too.  The new adventures, new friends, new experiences.  The old friends, familiar experiences all still lend […]

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25th November 2017
Love is in the Mountain Air

I was so excited when this beautiful bride said she wanted to have her engagement session in Banff!  As much as I love Churchill Park here in Lac La Biche, scenery that we don’t have close by to enjoy is exciting to me!  Different, gorgeous backdrops of mountains, crystal clear waters and a hot couple […]

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21st February 2017
Rainy Day Love
Rainy Day Fall Wedding

That is exactly what this was, rainy day love.  The dream of this bride was to celebrate her wedding in the fall to include the beautiful colours as part of the decor.  She told me that she loves looking at her mom and dads wedding photos, she loves the colours of the fall that was […]

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16th February 2017
M&M Fall Commitment of Love
Elegant Rustic Fall Wedding

This past fall I had the honour of photographing a few weddings.  After deciding to take time off of photographing summer weddings to be home and present with my children, the opportunity in the fall to experience the love that is committed allows me to fully be a witness.  It is a new fresh eye […]

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