25th September 2017
Changing Seasons
Changing Seasons

So hard to believe that fall is here, and summer is over!  Not to mention most of 2017 already! Just crazy!  I know that I say that every year, but every year it gets crazier how fast time goes!  That may have to do with age.  Anyways, back to fall, to the beauty that it encompasses.  The changing seasons mean the changing of colours from lush green to the yellows, oranges, reds and tans, the crispness in the air and the feeling of slowing down somewhat with the setting of the sun earlier and earlier. The desire to cuddle up by the fire.  Routines all back in order.  Every season truly has it’s beauty for different reasons, isn’t it just such a perfect design?

Back in January I offered a Season of Giving Special, sort of an after Christmas offer for family photos.  The idea was for you to gift yourself or someone you love with a session that was not only affordable, but offered all of the digital images included.  A session like this was offered in 2016 as well, same idea and pricing, but was in the later summer and it was called Simple Summer Sessions.   Both were a big hit, which lead to some investment and structure changes with regards to my session pricing.  I am so happy and excited to know that I can reach more of a market and fit more of a budget, all the while still valuing the quality of portraiture that means so much to me and reflects many years of experience, education and equipment investment!  Unfortunately the pricing here on the site doesn’t reflect the change, but I am working on it, and it will hopefully all be updated within the next month or so.

This special proved pretty successful, leading not only to pricing structure changes, but also to lessons learned!  I was so excited with all that I was booking, I didn’t consider the time needed to schedule them, leading to an overly busy work schedule this summer!  I am catching up and feeling so good about everything and just thankful for the people I met and the previous clients I was able to catch up with!

However now that there is only 1 week left in September, I am realizing that not all I had hoped will be reality this year.  I had stopped taking any more family sessions for the rest of the year, as I continue to shoot 2-3 times a week, plus the full time office work, not to mention my first priority of my family and their lives all in there too!  So sadly, my hope for offering FALL Mini-Sessions has to be put on hold for a year.  I will be announcing a Christmas Mini-Shoot in the next couple of weeks though, so look out for info on that!

Since my blog has been neglected and 90% of my sessions go unseen, I decided to go back to fall last year.  To feel the beauty that fall offers. Back to when this family was 3.  Since then, they have added 1 more, who I had the honour to photograph as a newborn and will be photographing again as a family this fall!  For now, enjoy the love this family shares and the innocent busyness of a toddler all captured!CaitlinBLOG


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