18th May 2017
Connections | Plamondon Photographer

In life there are so many connections that are made relationship wise. First and foremost there is family, then friends, then business. For me anyways. The connections allow for deeper, more meaningful relationships, growth and challenges. Today, I am thankful for the business connections that I have actually made more recently, considering I have been a professional photographer for the last 10 years.

The small town that I live in allows for closer connections.  Knowing almost everyone you meet at the local grocery store, catching up with people at the post office, and not to mention even being related to so many through marriage!   Being drawn to those who have similar interests, dreams and inspirations as me.  This post is about those people.  Some I have known for about half my life, others I have just recently met, but all who compliment my business in different ways.  I am excited to introduce you to some people who have influenced and supported me, encouraged me and inspired me both personally and professionally.  As you may know about me, my business is a reflection of who I am personally, even though I feel as though I am good at keeping the two separate.  Anyone in the art field will tell you the same thing.  These gifts are personal expressions, whether it be writing, photography, painting, cooking, so to have that as a business, is putting that bit of who you are into it.  The women I am going to introduce you too are friends to me personally as well as colleagues in my business world!

This will be a “blog post series” in Connections.  Featuring the amazing women that I am blessed to be connected to, business wise (and of course personally, but the focus here is on business).  I am hoping that these posts will help you discover the amazing businesses located right here in our small community, if you didn’t already know of them.  If you do know them, this may help you to have a better understanding of what they each offer.

So, over the next 6 to 8 weeks, I will be posting a continuing feature in between my regular posts, make sure to come back and check often and sign up on my email list!

The longest connection I have had personally which has grown into professionally is Michele Dallaire, of Michele Dallaire Empowerment Coaching.  Being my husband’s first cousin, I have known her for 23 years now.  We have children the same age (our boys being the best of friends) and have even been neighbours for the last 11 years.  She has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.  Always there for me for anything and everything.  I honestly can’t imagine how lonely I would be without her right here beside me, figuratively and literally.  She has been one of my best friends in life and strongest pillars of support in my business.  Over the years I have been able to witness her growth through education and interests, as you will read.  Our businesses compliment each other because women are main clients, with both fields encouraging the opportunity to see themselves in a loving way.  Read on about her and click on her links to discover more and what she can offer you!

Michele Dallaire Empowerment Coaching

Michele has studied Holistic Health and wellbeing for over 17 years. She is passionate about the wellbeing and healthy mindsets of women and girls worldwide. She is a certified Master Life Coach for Women and a certified WISDOM Life Coach for kids. Knowledgeable, authentic and gentle, she shares her passion with women & girls by teaching and coaching them how to align themselves with their inner truth. She teaches and coaches girls the tools and strategies to develop strong self-confidence, higher self-esteem and mindset development to be leaders in their own lives. She is a mother of three children and wife to a loving husband of 15 years and lives in the small hamlet of Plamondon, Alberta.


I am going to make a contribution, live out my purpose and make my dreams come true!

I am committed.

I will help you cut through the fogginess. I will help you use your mind and the thoughts within it to create the life you dream of!

I will teach you how to do this for yourself!

I will teach you how you can finally take action!

So join me! Because you can have this too!

Are you ready to work with me? To  Live Differently?

Think about it, no more excuses, no more procrastination! Imagine how freeing that will feel!

If you want to be coached by Michele, you will start by clicking here. so you can get masterful coaching and see yourself and your life in a whole new way!

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