14th June 2017
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My strength is not writing.  Nothing physical either.  Can’t sing.  Or play an instrument.  My strength is creative.  Considerate.  Compassion.  I am so thankful for those strengths too.  Remember, I said strength, I’m not perfect in them, nor do I want to be, but they come a little more natural to me then those that I mentioned to not be strengths.  These strengths lead me and connect me with people who possess the same, such as this beautifully creative woman.

Robyn Elizabeth Phillips runs That Yoga Spot with her partner Jenny Peitzsch, right in Lac La Biche.  Her own yoga company is called Northwoods Yoga and Wellness.  I only recently met Robyn through a group consisting of 9 woman entrepreneurs who meet monthly to discuss our businesses.  Robyn came last fall and it has been so inspiring to witness her growth professionally, I’m sure personally too, I mean isn’t that what we are constantly doing? She has brought so much information to the table and shared this journey of opening and maintaining a business with us along the way!  She definitely is an asset to our community!  As a recently published poet, she excels in expressing her inner thoughts so so beautifully.  Connecting with people on so many levels.

I find it so awesome to have connections with these women.  Even though our businesses are completely different, they are the same in many ways.  Expression.  Creation.  Exploration.  Appreciation.  I encourage you to seek these aspects in your own life, let Robyn help you along the way!

There are lots of places to find Robyn!  Here are the links to connect you to her!

Northwoods Yoga and Wellness

That Yoga Spot

And her poetry, among other connections can be found here, The Mindful Word

The rest, we’ll I’ll let Robyn tell you in her own words…

Rooted in Lac La Biche, Robyn Elizabeth Phillips is a student and teacher of yoga, a writer and an outdoor enthusiast. She’s a barefoot visionary—always has been and always will be. Believing in freedom, integrity and kindness, she shares pieces of her heart and mind with the world through guided yoga asana, meditation, pranayama and reflective writing.
Robyn is the founder of Northwoods Yoga and Wellness and is also the co-owner of That Yoga Spot in Lac La Biche.

Strength and Connections
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