2nd October 2017
Family Play

I have had the privilege of photographing and in turn getting to know this family over the last few years since they were expecting their first daughter.  Now they have two beautiful little girls whom I have been able to photograph, play with and capture memories of!  Again, this session is from last fall, so  you can imagine how much they have changed over the year!  Was hoping to photograph them again this fall, but with time going at warp speed, it wasn’t in the cards.

Not only have I been so blessed as to photograph this family, mom also has an interest in photography and wanting to learn more about it, so she attended my last workshop this past March.  I have met so many women through these workshops and we since have developed a photography club.  So we get to meet continually and see where we all have come, encourage each other and keep learning together.

This brings up the fact that I have been asked numerous times when I will be offering this workshop again.  I was really hoping that it would be this fall, late October, but now that the time is almost here, I have to be real with myself.  I just won’t be able to.  However that being said, it is officially planned for the beginning of the new year.  Most likely, end of January (maybe the 27th), beginning of February.  I am SOOOO excited about it for so many reasons, but one being that now you can buy a gift certificate for the workshop for that hard to buy for person, including yourself!  I know you have wanted to buy them, or you, photography gear, but that’s pretty expensive, so I am offering you the next best thing!  Learning all about it, so when you decide to invest in more gear, camera bodies, lenses, flashes, etc., you will know more of how to use them and what each does!  Share this post with those you love, hint really hard about it and encourage them to contact me for a gift certificate!  I will be posting more on facebook about the workshop, so keep your eyes open for that!  Next week I will have all of the information on what the workshop will offer!

On to the photos of this fun family!

Fall Photography
Fall Family Photography
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