12th February 2018
Firsts and more Firsts

Life is full of firsts.  From the moment we are born.  Most firsts go unnoticed as day to day events, but even more are very significant.  We have so many firsts we don’t even remember, yet have been documented by our parents or at least remembered by them. That first word spoken, first steps taken, first time we rode a bicycle, took the bus, first day of school, so so many in our lives.  This family is no different, but the firsts I was able to document for them started at their wedding going back a few years.  I was so blessed to meet this couple and capture their engagement session, being introduced to their story of being high school sweethearts, their love for sports, their professions, but most of all, their deep love for each other.

It was truly evident in their interaction, how they spoke to each other and of each other while telling their story to me.  How they looked at each other and held each other, while I snapped away.  To be honest, I couldn’t wait for the next first in their lives.  Then I received the email.  “We’re expecting!!”  Again, I was honoured to have the opportunity to capture these firsts, first pregnancy, first child.

For most maternity sessions, I photograph in studio and out.  We started in studio and captured some beautiful, timeless images before heading outside to a favourite location of mine!  Again, the love was more than apparent as they interacted with each other.  Mom was glowing and dad was just admiring her.

As you can see, we are jumping back in the year a ways, back to late August and then October.  So enjoy the greens from that time!

Also, the little outfit and hat used in the newborn images is handmade by Surro Knits! Amazing local photographer and crafter!


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