19th March 2018
Laughs, snuggles and chills

That’s pretty much what made up this entire engagement session from a few weeks ago!  Plenty of laughs (which is totally to be expected if any of  you know this couple even just a little), lots of snuggles and cuddles, also expected as to me that’s what an engagement session is meant to capture!  Along with the cold, red fingers and noses from the February weather, although we are not complaining as it was on the warmer side considering the week before was in the minus 30’s!

As I have mentioned before, photographing weddings will be few and far between for me now.  I have decided that is one of the types of photography that I will not be focusing on.  Taking on maybe one, or two at the very most in the coming years.  Signature weddings I guess you could call them!  This year I have two, you saw the post of the engagement session of the other wedding I will be shooting this year, here.  This couple will be my second and last wedding for 2018.  Both couples are from families I have been photographing for so long, so are near and oh so dear to my heart!  In fact, during the wedding consult with this couple, her mom and I counted the amount of sessions I have photographed for them, and all together it was 14.  Add this engagement session and a Spring mini session for their nieces, the total is now up to 16!  I am so excited to add their wedding day to the count!

On top of that, this will be the third wedding out of 4 kids that I have the honour to photograph!  Honestly, I am so blessed to build these relationships with my clients!

We photographed this whole session right here in our tiny town, which was so fun as I had found two new locations to use that I discovered while scoping out with my son a few days before!  Hockey is an important sport for them, and she told me she had jersey’s they wanted to incorporate that belonged to him from high school hockey days.  Of course the perfect location to use those, the local arena!  Since hockey is a big thing here too!

Overall, I just had so much fun with these two, and I think, from the images at least, that they did too… 😉

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  • Connie says:

    Ohhh what a beautiful post, love the love between them. The smiles, oh those always get me with couples xoxo

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