25th November 2017
Love is in the Mountain Air

I was so excited when this beautiful bride said she wanted to have her engagement session in Banff!  As much as I love Churchill Park here in Lac La Biche, scenery that we don’t have close by to enjoy is exciting to me!  Different, gorgeous backdrops of mountains, crystal clear waters and a hot couple just spark that creativity and inspiration that I need sometimes to keep my role as a photographer fresh!  We were able to make it happen early August, which also happened to be the same time as the huge fires in BC and even close to Banff.  Add the fact that it is Canada’s 150th Birthday, which was celebrated by free National Park admission, we definitely had our challenges of smoky, hazy skies and TONS of people.  Like tons.  But as you will see, that didn’t hinder the beauty of the environment and the love between these two!

We started right in town at the river, then moving on and finding mountains, waterfalls and cliffs, all in one location!  Even though there were people all around, it didn’t matter.  These two were happy to be together and easily forgot that they were a tourist attraction!  The fun and love shared by this couple was so apparent, it was great spending the time with them getting to know them as we captured these moments just a year before they exchange their wedding vows.

As interesting as the day was, with not accounting for the smoke and the amount of people, the flat tire the couple got while on their way to Banff, it all paid off beautifully with their engagement session.  We were able to get a lot of amazing images and have fun while capturing them!

I am so excited for their wedding next summer, to witness them enter into the sacred covenant of marriage and capture every moment of their day!

“Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other.” ~Psalm 85:10 NIV

Banff Engagement Session

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  • Ashley says:

    Love them all, we are so happy with them and so happy to have you as our photographer 😍

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