16th April 2018
Mom & Me Minis

Mini sessions to celebrate being a mom.  A time to actually be in the photos, on the other side of the camera.  To be in on the moments, allowing someone else to capture them.  To be a part of the memories, having that special connection between you and your children capture in time to cherish always and forever.  And for them to cherish always and forever, long after the “mom, you’re so annoying stage”, to the “thank you for always being there and for loving me and giving me all of you” stage.

Get in on this opportunity to experience a taste of what a professional photography experience is like all the while creating some more memories with your children, memories that you can remember as you will be reminded of them every time you look at your photos.

Of all the mini sessions that I have offered, Mother’s Day is my absolute favourite.  I guess because it is so personal for me being a mom.  Knowing the love now that my mom truly gave me unconditionally and what I feel for my own children.  It’s like no other.

I’ve known this time for me was always coming. The time when the kids are ready to move out and do.  When they spread their wings and set out on their own journey, it’s inevitable and exciting.  I knew it was going to be bittersweet and for the most part I have been so good with it.  My oldest has been ready to spread her wings for a long time and has tested that on us a few times with running away at least once a year during her teenage years, definitely a trying time, but so full of opportunities to learn and grow, love and trust.  So to know that she is safe and pursuing a career is so exciting as much as I miss her.  But with our second leaving for university this fall, I have been busy watching from the sidelines all the decisions he has to make and helping with preparing and planning that I didn’t have time to realize how fast this time has come.  Until this past weekend.  And oh boy, did it hit.  I don’t know if it was triggered by the movie we watched on Netflix (The Theory of Everything), or what, but I cried that night.  Ugly cry.  The thought and realization that never again will I hear my own kids little footsteps running to our bedroom, their little voices tell me they love me, their little arms wrap around my neck.  I haven’t picked them up in years, but that’s over.  All of it.  It was just a sudden mourning of that time a sudden regret of not capturing it all in whatever way I could, not appreciating it as much as I should.  It was just overwhelming.

Of course, it was another moment, but a reminder none the less.  I am so excited to see where life takes them, beyond blessed that I was chosen to be their mom.  I still take the time to stare at them in disbelief that they are mine and that they are perfect.  I definitely look forward to the time coming that is less chaotic, where my husband and I can grow old together.  I will always be thankful for the photos I have that remind me of what they looked like and the little personalities they had and how I get to see them grow up anytime I want by taking out the albums and looking on my walls.  I can’t imagine a time without photographs.

I am offering In Studio mini sessions that can be booked anytime May 1 – 3 and outdoor sessions that will take place at a set location May 10.  This will be the last mini session opportunity that will include digital images, as my pricing structure will be changing for the fall!  So I encourage you to book now and take advantage of this opportunity!

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