24th June 2015
Life Sessions

Most sessions will take between 1-2 hours at up to two locations.

When first enquiring into a session for your family, or your children or whatever type of session you desire, Allison will meet with you for a Creative Consult.  This consult will generally take place in her studio, and will consist of getting to know one another, discussing exactly what you are hoping to see out of your time in front of the camera.  We will go through every detail of what you envision for your session including what the end result will be!  Allison will show you prints, canvases, wood art, heirloom albums and her signature boutique frames.  So that after meeting with her, you will know exactly what you would like to display on your walls or turn the pages of on your coffee table. 

Time is our most valuable asset.  Allison gives you her time and talents every single step of the way from the initial meeting together at the Creative Consult to the delivery and even installation of your gorgeous products.  We go through the perfect details from where you would like your session, to clothing choices, to making sure every combination of images is captured, to choosing the perfect way to display your timeless images.  Images that represent who your family is together and the time shared.  Time we will never get back, except through the memories captured to gaze upon every day. 

Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind ~Nathaniel Hawthorne



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