21st February 2017
Rainy Day Love
Rainy Day Fall Wedding

That is exactly what this was, rainy day love.  The dream of this bride was to celebrate her wedding in the fall to include the beautiful colours as part of the decor.  She told me that she loves looking at her mom and dads wedding photos, she loves the colours of the fall that was captured all those years ago.  I loved hearing that, knowing that a whole generation later, her parents wedding photos are being appreciated, loved and considered when planning her own wedding.

Well.  Although the day didn’t turn out exactly how she had imagined, it still turned out perfectly.  Their outdoor ceremony stayed outdoors, just under a tent.  We found the perfect covering for their formal photos with an old shed and umbrella’s.  The fall colours were prominent.  Most importantly though.  They were married.  Every wedding day is perfect to the couple, after all, it’s more about the marriage, then the wedding.

Rustic Rainy Day Wedding
Rustic Rainy Day Wedding
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  • Carla Payne says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

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