29th February 2016
Winter Engagement Session

My favourite time of the year for photos is summer, hands down.  For the most part because the weather is pretty certain.  But in this gorgeous country we live in, it’s pretty cool that we have completely different weather throughout the seasons allowing us beauty and change all year.  Varying background from green leaves to freshly fallen pure white snow. Even though this winter engagement session didn’t have freshly fallen snow, since that was almost scarce this year, it did allow for the lakes and ponds to freeze over beautifully!

They chose the location of her family farm, we didn’t even touch on all we could have there for background opportunities, but we made sure to include the glass like ice on their pond! Making it interesting on there with their two dogs playing around us! lol!  Between tripping on dogs and posing in their Pokémon shirts, I’m pretty certain this will be one fun wedding!

I am looking forward to their upcoming fall wedding!  It will be different being an early ceremony and other details that I am excited to witness!

BE engagement

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  • jacinta says:

    🙂 beautiful pictures of beautiful people and H’s grand-dog! Congratulations to you! jacinta 🙂

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